Optomec direct-write aerosol jetting hose


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High speed metal 3D printing earns award for Fraunhofer ILT

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EXCLUSIVE with Optomec — At the Forefront of Additively Manufactured Micro-Structures

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US8640975B2 - Miniature aerosol jet and aerosol jet array - Google Patents

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Principles of aerosol jet printing

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Aerosol Jet® (AJ) Direct Write Technology A Manufacturing Tool for Printed Electronics Rich Plourde South Central Business Liaison North America Aerospace & Defense Business Liaison () - [email protected] Optomec does not design SAW, RFID, Antennas or Circuits. Optomec developed the Aerosol Jet 5X for use in the small-scale personal electronics market and they hope it will aid in the development of smaller and more advanced smart phones, tablets, laptops and sensors.

Aerosol Jet® Printing onto 3D and Flexible Substrates Tyler Blumenthal, Vincent Fratello, Giovanni Nino, Keith Ritala (Qi2) has been utilizing an Optomec Aerosol Jet® (AJ) direct write printing system that can deposit a variety of materials onto nearly any type of substrate.

In the annular aerosol jetting process, the aerosol stream enters the deposition head, preferably either directly after the aerosolization process or after passing through the heater assembly, and is directed along the axis of the device towards the deposition head orifice.

The Aerosol Jet Print Engine from Mew Mexico machinery company Optomec, MIT’s direct-write colloid 3D printing unlocks new possibilities in electronics and energy.

Optomec Announces Aerosol Jet Technology to Print Electronics at Micron Level already currently enjoying with Optomec’s Aerosol Jet discussing the aerosol based direct-write micro.

Optomec direct-write aerosol jetting hose
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