Luster paper

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Glossy, matte, lustre?? All about paper types for your photo books!

Most importantly, Lustre runs on commodity hardware and uses object based disks for storage and metadata servers for storing file. The gamut or colour spaces of the two paper ‘canned profiles’ is shown above – red plot is the Brilliant Supreme Lustre Ultimate and white is Oyster – both profiles being for the Epson Paper.

Epson has superior media for your home or business, from pro photo paper to fine art media and more.

Print your photo books with Blurb®.

TomatoInk's premium lustre photo paper create professional prints for any occassion. Specially resin-coated in a variety of sizes.

Take them home today! EPSON Metallic Photo Paper Luster is designed with an incredible Dmax and rich color gamut. This semi-gloss, E-surface, photographic paper features a unique metallic surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth.

Lustre (luster, pearl, semi-gloss) became the most elegant and preferred option in photography, especially wedding photography. It has slightly more sheen than silk, and it also has a beautiful pearly/sandy texture that not only softens the photos but is much kinder to .

Luster paper
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