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IKEA - New Store Opening

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Turn Your Ikea Rug Into a Doormat: Retailer Invents Creative Ways to Recycle Its Products

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Ikea Creates Platform for Customers to Sell Their Second-Hand Furniture -- No. 5 in Print & Design

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Ikano Industry Comfortable MaTtresseS FOR THE MANY PEOPLE. Ikano Industry aims to become IKEA’s leading supplier of foam mattresses and our facilities in Rogozno constitute one of the largest and most modern mattress producing factories in Europe.

Organizational structure

Contingency Plan Conclusion Long live the home. Taking the Ikea main worldwide concept to assemble the United States taste and demand. The world’s largest furniture retailer.

Founded in by the sweden Ingvar Kamprad. Slogan oriented to a brand promise "low price with meaning". The main goal of this project was to establish a clear BC and DR procedures for IKEA in Israel. As an organization who already experienced a disaster (a store was completely burnt down, main data center included) it was clear that such procedures and future planning was needed.

“IKEA said they had an extremely positive view of and experience with the Town Council, our staff, the mall site, and Cary as a whole. The bottom line is that as wonderful a place as Cary is, we are just too suburban for IKEA’s new direction.

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Ikea contingency
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Ikea looks set to open more small stores in the UK - BBC News