Cognitive impairments

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Health Consequences of Drug Misuse

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Could Humans Hibernate?

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Summary. When people think about accessibility of web content, there's a tendency to concentrate on people with visual impairments. People with cognitive impairments. Cognitive Disabilities and the Web: Where Accessibility and Usability Meet? By: Heather Mariger.

Cognitive Disabilities and the Web: Where Accessibility and Usability Meet?

For many, web accessibility begins and ends with making a site accessible to a screen reader user. Cognition is a combination of mental processes that includes the ability to learn new things, intuition, judgment, language, and remembering.

When cognition is impaired (referred to as cognitive impairment), a person has trouble with these processes that begins to affect the things he or.

The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Cognitive impairment. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

Other symptoms or medical conditions that may need to be considered for a more precise consideration of cognitive symptoms. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), also known as incipient dementia and isolated memory impairment, is a neurological disorder that occurs in older adults which involves cognitive impairments with minimal impairment in instrumental activities of daily living.

Mild cognitive impairment is a syndrome defined as cognitive decline greater than expected for an individual's age and education level but that does not interfere notably with activities of daily life.

Cognitive impairments
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